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Regarding the Fan Mail address question: when I was browsing through the website for Chicon, they had a bit about how (paraphrasing) "Please don't bring gifts to J2M; we don't have room." They had this address for Misha: 1920 N. Hillhurst #170 Los Angeles, CA 90027.


Thanks for the info!



Soo I just met Misha Collins at a hot springs in Montana. What.

Was he holding his daughter? I need to know for the tags.

summerxela ha risposto alla tua foto”Found these under my bed. Never wore them more than once…”

They look incredible, wear them around the house to make them more comfortable or something. Huge shame to hide them in a cupboard! :)

Yeah, they are really nice! Unfortunately I don’t really wear elegant stuff. I bought them only for the play, they were kinda cheap for a pair of shoes so I bought them anyway, they look durable though. It’s a huge huge shame, but I don’t even know when I could wear something like this. *sighs*


misha collins + selfies


dean meme: six episodes [4/6] » faith




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i can’t stop thinking about the pretty faces cas would make when dean fucks him for the first time

how his eyes would go all wide as dean slides in slowly, swiveling his hips because cas’ rim is so sensitive and it gets his thighs shaking deliciously around dean’s hips

and cas’ lips are all wet and shiny and parted as he stares up at dean in awe, his whole body trembling because dean is inside him

and let’s be honest, dean totally gets off on the look on cas’ face, so he can’t help but try his damnedest to make cas feel so good. so dean starts moving his hips, thrusting deeper into cas’ hole and groaning as it clenches around him in response

and cas’ moans so beautifully, biting down on his swollen bottom lip as his eyes fall shut, rocking his hips up to meet dean’s.

and then dean angles his own hips to try and find that spot he knows is there and… bingo.

cas’ eyes shoot open and his mouth goes wide as he gasps desperately, hips jerking against dean’s, cock twitching against his stomach as it spurts out precome against his taut stomach… he looks like he’s found god.

and dean totally loses himself after that because cas’ face is fucking gorgeous, and he needs to see what he looks like when he comes all over his stomach.

so dean buries himself inside cas over and over, desperately massaging the head of his dick into cas’ prostate until cas is gasping and grabbing desperately at dean’s shoulders, mouth parting around the most beautiful sound dean’s ever heard and he comes.

cas comes so beautifully, hips jerking and thighs quivering, face flushed and lips so obscenely swollen, his whole body shaking as he cries out… and dean can’t hold on anymore. he lets out a strangled moan as he comes, buried deep inside cas, dick throbbing and thighs trembling as he digs his fingers into cas’ hips and comes until he feels like his entire body has been turned inside out.

Misha Collins alphabet: Hair